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Ms. Tricia Cruz, D.I. Reading Coordinator

What is Direct Instruction?


Direct Instruction is a teaching methodology that emphasizes well-developed and carefully planned lessons taught in smaller units.  These lessons are taught in a specified order.  Under this methodology, a student must master each skill being taught.  When a skill has been mastered, then the student is ready to learn a more difficult skill.  Because teachers are guided through a script, there is very little room for students to misinterpret instruction.  This teaching strategy can be used to teach students reading, math, science, writing, spelling, and other subject areas.


What is Reading Mastery?


Reading Mastery are the textbooks, workbooks, and other materials our students use to acquire reading skills.  Reading Mastery teaches reading by emphasizing “sounds” and “symbols”.  It enhances students’ listening skills and requires students to apply their listening skills when reproducing sounds.  All Reading Mastery materials have been funded through a federal grant under the “No Child Left Behind Act”.


What are the Language Programs that are being implemented?


Language for Learning is an Educational Program that emphasizes communication skills in the English Language.  Listening comprehension and speaking skills need to be firm in order to effectively decode and comprehend when reading or learning to read.  Therefore, the Language Programs serve as a foundation and/or supplementation for Reading Mastery.  Because our kindergarten students are still acquiring language skills, they will all be receiving instruction from this program.  Language for Thinking is the next program available for students that introduce communication skills of a higher thinking level.  Non-English or Bi-lingual First Graders are receiving instruction from either Language for Learning or Language for Thinking .  All other First Graders are receiving instruction from a program called Reasoning and Writing.  In addition to communication skills, this program also addresses the mechanics of writing and sentence structures.  As a result of these language programs, our students will become more fluent communicators and possibly efficient writers.        

What About the Other Subject Areas?


The issue of teaching Direct Instruction Programs and teaching other subject areas (science, creative arts, P.E., social studies, etc) varies from school to school.  Please be reassured that here at LBJ, the teachers teach all the other subject areas by integrating them into activities which are done during Non-DI time.  All teachers at LBJ Elementary are maximizing contact hours with student to ensure that instruction is going on all day long. 

If you have any questions regarding our implementation, please visit me in Room K-9 or follow this link to to register and leave me a message.


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